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Book VII - 1.4.17

Book VIII - 4.12.17


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The series

One Warlock's Love Story

the readers


The first excerpts of One Warlock's Love Story were released on social media to an anxious and wanting audience of readers who quickly began referring to themselves as OWLS in honor of the series' title, One Warlock's Love Story (OWLS). The band of OWLS and interest in the story continues to grow. 

Homosexuality in paranormal romance has evolved over the years. Numerous works have been labeled "gay" because they contain one bisexual character or are published by GBLT presses. Even with these advances, this genre has been void of powerful same gender loving characters of color...until now. 

After searching unsuccessfully for paranormal romance and fantasy stories that celebrate the gay and urban experiences, Shadrach Octavio Walker (Shad) decided to create one himself. With the birth of his main character, Zander Borealis Knight, Shad became the architect of a new genre of literature with the epic saga known as One Warlock's Love Story.  

The genre

Erotic Paranormal Romance


Let us introduce you to a new brand of paranormal fiction where the characters look like you, the magic seems real, and the sex scenes are snatched from your wildest dreams and fantasies. Finally, there is science fiction for the rest of us. This is real black magic! 

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