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Inspired by the creativity of Octavia Butler, storytelling of James Baldwin, and passion of E. Lynn Harris, Shad is at the forefront of an entirely new expression of paranormal romance and fantasy. What started out as a desire to create and share a new kind of tale turned into a dream come true with the release of the first installment of the series through Torquere Press. Today, Shad enjoys "shadowalking" into the hearts and minds of his beloved readers, the OWLS. 



Shadrach Octavio Walker, a.k.a. Shad O.Walker, has always been an avid fan of all things science fiction, fantasy and paranormal. It wasn’t until he realized that there were no significant paranormal series featuring GBLT characters of color that he decided to create One Warlock’s Love Story. This epic tale features main character Zander Borealis Knight and spans several installments with villainous vampires, sexy shape shifters, wild warlocks, fierce fairies, great sex, and the kind of drama only found in the very best urban literature.   

Armed with his passion for literature and his grandmother's dictionary, Shad remains as elusive as the vampires in his series’ House of Aleph with writing as powerful as the shifters in its Alpha pack.  Supported by a coven of loyal readers, Shad is sure to take the literary world by storm.