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The House Ghoul

Giovanni explained, “There are two ways to become a vampire.  You can be born one or you can be made into one.  Vampire births are very dangerous and rare, so most of the time vampires are made at Bacchanalias."  

There was Muslee the firstborn House Mother; Hung and Giovanni the lovers; Zander the tri-natural; Liam Cross the dark-haired, blue-eyed survivor from the House of Blue Dragon; Azure and Blanche the two blonde party girls; Fancy the ghetto-fabulous, chocolate bi-natural minus magical; Finch the red-haired skateboarder; DeVon the African-American college-kid look alike; Epic the vampire tattoo artist; and Alfie the quiet and composed survivor that Giovanni had saved from the crack den in Detroit. 

Meet the House of Aleph

“If this book is true, then it explains the origin of each of the three supernatural races.  No one knows that it exists but us.  There are secrets in this book that even some supernaturals don’t know.  It says that a fallen angel named Aleph gave his blood, sweat and tears to three humans and these three humans became the first supernaturals,” Muslee explained.

“That’s it “We can start our own house and we can call it the House of Aleph,” Giovanni said. 

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