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To date, there have been very few paranormal series featuring GBLT characters of color.  Enter author Shad O. Walker's main character, Zander Borealis Knight, who is unlike any other warlock that you've ever seen before. In a world where shape shifters are openly bisexual, vampires have insatiable sex drives, and warlocks emit pheromones; Zander struggles to make sense of his own human, heterosexual upbringing. Everything in Zander's world changes the night he decides to break the rules and meet his on-line chat buddy, Giovanni Nugent. Suddenly, he finds himself face to face with the most handsome man that he's ever met, Tau Long. This is more than one warlock's love story - this is a supernatural adventure. 

Installment release dates are as follows:

Book I - One Warlock's Love Story: All Knight Long - Released

Book II - One Warlock's Love Story: One Moore Knight - Released

Book III - One Warlock's Love Story: Last Goode Knight -  Released

​Book IV - One Warlock's Love Story: That Stormy Knight - Released

​Book V - One Warlock's Love Story: The Knight Reign - Released

Book VI - One Warlock's Love Story: Knight And Dae - Released

Book VII - One Warlock's Love Story: Hunt At Knight - January 4, 2017

​Book VIII - One Warlock's Love Story: Knight of Wrath - April 12, 2017